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Integrated Offshore Services

Hydrographic & Topographic Survey, Diving, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Environmental Studies.

10 Years of offshore experience

Offshore UXO Survey and Clearance Service

We locate, identify and dispose of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) in underwater areas designated for redevelopment. Al-Sirag has unparalleled offshore survey capability in challenging surroundings including topographic and hydrographic surveys, using a range of equipment including DGPS & GNSS positioning equipment, side-scan sonar, single and multi-beam and magnetometers. Uniquely experienced in Iraq, we are able to undertake these operations anywhere in the world, working in challenging and dangerous locations undertaking bathymetric and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) surveys offshore and in intertidal areas. We provide offshore UXO diving services to the highest Quality and Safety standards. Al Sirag has its own vessels and survey boats, in addition to equipment and personnel, which are also rented out for short and long term contracts.


AL SIRAG has a broad range of experience in relation to the planning and execution of surveys for the purpose of identifying Unexploded Ordnance
(UXO). UXO are explosive devices such as bombs, bullets, mines and artillery shells. These items are often hazardous and at risk of detonation even though they may have been dormant for decades. Typical projects which may require Marine UXO surveys include the construction of ports, pipe laying projects, oil, gas and mineral exploration and capital dredging projects.
• Prior to construction / cable laying work
• Unexploded Ordnance Survey: search for metallic / non-metallic objects,
on and below the seafloor (6m below seafloor).
• MB, SSS, Gradiometer, SBP.

UXO Classification & identification

Typically, most UXO survey campaigns are followed by an investigation /classification phase of work that primarily involves the use of an ROV in order to relocate and identify each item. Through the use of high-specification optical and acoustic cameras and via deployment on a high-power ROV, target identification and classification can be accomplished even in low visibility and high current conditions. During such operations the ROV will also be fitted with a highvolume dredge pump to expedite the excavation of buried targets prior to identification. Those items identified as UXO or potential UXO are then earmarked for removal or detonation is separate phase of UXO clearance operations.


We use highly trained staff with specialist knowledge in diving and UXO operations in these environments to identify, neutralize and dispose of UXO in the offshore environment.







Marine Service

ALSIRAG owns five Utility vessels/Boats, AL SIRAG 01, AL SIRAG 02, AL SIRAG 03, AL SIRAG 04 and AL AL ALI, Our fleet is equipped in accordance with the latest standards of the marine services market, to cover the fields of Oil & Gas and the civil engineering projects, and supporting the whole spectrum of the services we provide. We also, utilize our fleet in rentals, in favor of our clients and peers as well, for short, medium and long contracts.

Diving Service

AL SIRAG provides full diving services supporting the fields if oil and gas, and marine civil projects covering a wide range of activities, including:
1. UWILD class survey for marine units.
2. Underwater hand-held video and closed-circuit TV inspection.
3. NDT magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic thickness gauging.
4. Cathodic protection survey.
5. Underwater installation and IMR for sea water intake and discharge pipelines.
6. Underwater cable laying.
7. Underwater UXO survey.
8. Underwater IMR for jetties.
9. Underwater IMR for offshore platforms.
10. Underwater installation and IMR for pipelines.