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Mine Action Compnay

Onshore and Offshore services

About us

Experienced mine action company in Iraq

Al-Sirag expertise and experience delivers international standard services to our clients in our commitment to cleanse Iraq of explosive ordnance, restore dignity to the people of Iraq and boost the economy.

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Offshore services

From the operational point of view, our offshore services can be classified to three major categories: Survey, Marine and Diving

Onshore services

From the operational point of view, our onshore services can be classified to three major categories: Technical Survey, Non-Technical Survey and Clearence

Our Equipments

Vessels, Tools and Vehicles That Works

AL SIRAG Owns all required specialized equipment, tools, and software that covers the Diving and Survey branches. All equipments, tools, software and the professional teams are available for hiring and rentals to other companies and clients.

Vessels owned by company and registered by Iraqi government


Al FAW Grand Port Project​

Extensive areas of the southern coast of Iraq were heavily mined during Iraq – Iran war andthe Arabian gulf wars since 1990. Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) left over from these periods can pose a potential threat to the construction and operation of coastal and offshore projects.

AL SIRAG provided a range of integrated geophysical works tailored to the efficient detection and location of seabed UXO for DAEWOO E&C at Immursed Tunnel Project Al Faw Grand Port Construction Project in Basra, Iraq. We succeeded to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous ordnance in a range of water depths.

Multiple sensors are deployed simultaneously to detect objects lying at or buried just beneath the seabed and equipment spreads are optimized to provide the widest seabed footprint practically achievable for each survey line. A combination of high-frequency side scan sonar, multiple magnetometers, acoustic seabed imager, and electromagnetic techniques are all available along with survey advice or referral to a specialist unexploded ordnance risk management consultant.

AL SIRAG has it is own camp 20 km distance from the land at AL FAW Grand Port Project.

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